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The Girlfriend Resume
I had an idea the other day as I sent out resumes for employment. I send out resumes for employment but why not try and find a boyfriend this way? I don't go out to bars or use singles sites so why not a resume? I will attempt this experiment and use twitter and other social media networks to promote it. This blog will be about how many responses I get to my resume and any offers I receive. With any luck I can find love.
The Girlfriend Resume

A fulfilling and equal relationship with someone I love.

- Will love you with all my heart

- Very outgoing, energetic, and ambitious

- Very loving and loyal to a fault.

- Very responsible with a sound moral base but not a prude

- Tendency to be a rock in a storm

- Loves technology and video games

- A girl geek with a sense of humor

- Does not hook up or believe in one night stands

- Faithful and understanding


Dated 3 or 4 guys in high school but it was never serious

Tall large guy 6' 450 pounds (11 years)
dated in 1994, together until 2005
- met just out of high school; I was 18, he was 24
- he was my first

- We grew apart. I went full geek and he went full redneck.

- Had a daughter in 2000

- Cheated on me over the road as a truck driver

- Very amicable and cordial still but not a parent to our daughter and not involved.

small Pot Guy 5'9 108 soaking wet (1 year)
dated in 2006 - 2007
- met in IRC
- my first long distance relationship: He was in Atlanta. I would see him once a month in person and everyday in video conference

- Helped him get a job in New Jersey after he was laid off

- He was too addicted to his pot and the age difference was too great. He was 22 and I was 32.

The School of Life, Class of Today

- working on bachelors in work life balance

- honours degrees in Ambition, Stress, Perfectionism, Patience, and Understanding

I Promise To...

- Be there when you need me

- Forgive your small mistakes and expect you to forgive mine as no one is perfect

- Not try to change you

- Laugh with you

- Cook gourmet meals for you that include pie and bacon but not necessarily in the same dish

- Clean the house because I don't mind it

- Understand when you want to hang out with your friends and not be jealous

- Support you when you have to have any gadget, video game, or system you want and understand why

- Host and cook for you and your friends for any sporting event or gaming party

- Communicate openly and honestly

- Be empathetic

- Understand your feelings

- Listen to you

- Love you

If you are interested and wish to learn more then please contact @tawnie or tawnieknight at

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Comment by Annie K on December 10, 2009 at 7:21am
Great idea!! I love this and good luck. Would love to hear how it works out for you.

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