Gravity (hydro-static equilibrium) is not holding our atmosphere to Earth

Pre-1950's educators taught us the universe was a perfect vacuume void of all substance and that gravity was attracting our atmosphere to Earth. With the invention of the GC/MS and space exploration we found the opposite to be true. In fact we discovered all space was occupied with gas and/or matter and the behavier of gas proved that a light gas will compress heavier gases NOT gravity. This is played out every day in the chemical industry where Nitrogen gas is used to compress ("blanket") heavier gases. It's evident in nature with our atmosphere of Oxygen & Nitrogen being compressed by the Helium, Hydrogen, Lithium, Etc. gases contained in interplanetary space surrounding us. Earth and it's atmosphere are submerged in an ocean of lighter expanding gases compressing our atmospheric gases thus making it impossible for our atmosphere to escape or even expand. The problem is that very few people have been taught post-1950's physics and the "powers to be" are not sharing post-50's information. What can be done to bring physics into the 21st century? Pass this 21st.century information on to as many people as you can. Thank you. Angelo Pettolino Autror: The AP Theory

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Comment by ionflux on November 13, 2012 at 5:40am
space is free to all no cant say that space is for one person cause then this world wont be non logical but mal practice language with a war with in its own substance what you do when you feeling sick you fight with youre allergic with in youre self but no one else that a reason why space is free for all

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