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Creativity and originality, Were these not what started what we call "technology"?

Who ever though we would be using touch screens or watching a 3D TV in our homes. If we decide not to use as much creative and originality as before, will technology develop slower? 


Many companies are very popular with there customers, these are the companies that make a lot of money.

These companies in most cases strive for originality, this is why there so popular. People want to buy a product that they can't get anywhere else and that the same time new to the world. Lets look at HP for a example, who ever though we could have the ability to e-mail our printer from anywhere in the 

world and make it so easy to print. Who ever though we could make editing software easier to use for people that are not "tech oriented" by using a mac, but is the creative being slowed down because other companies decide to follow rather then try to lead? If everyone decided they where going to 

create rather then copy, where would be today? For example; With the release of the iPad thats been in development for years, instead of making being original others tried to copy it.  




The well known Apple inc. never invented but reinvented, if every company made the effort to reinvent apple's product rather then copy it, we would have much better developed technology. It's very clear that we have are leading companies and there not all neck and neck, but what if they where?

If  all companies had a endless amount of creative and originally, how would we look at tomorrows technology?


                                                      What do you think?




By: Malik H.

  The iGeek



Twitter: @iGeekTVplus


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Comment by YOGESH PAWAR on October 23, 2011 at 11:41am
I think that there should be a good and sincere researched developments, by this way, we will get to know what the world "EXACTLY" demands.

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