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How many people still use dial up these days??? How to step up a computer gold mine.

I recently built a computer for an elderly woman. She needed a very basic system so I put together a 2GB RAM, 250GB and a simple AMD X2 setup. She also required internet and several lessons (one included how to use a mouse (so frustrating)). Any way she approached me today with a question about dial-up and that she was considering purchasing it.

Automatically my geek senses tingled and I back handed her (I didn't really but that would have been funny). I simply said 'no' and explained to her the negatives of dial up.

This has now got me thinking about how many people still use dial up. It is slow in both upload and download speeds and you can’t use the phone at the same time. Why would you bother?

I think she was a bit shocked towards my dominating voice, and my negative attitude towards dial up. Anyways on to the next part of this article.

Exactly one month ago I set up Bud Builds or my lemonade stand. I specialize in custom computer building/ modifying and of course repairing. If you live in a small town with lots of ringers and old people this is a gold mine.

I have earned about $200AUD in my first month. Not bad for a 17yo still in school working about 2hrs a week. I thought so too.

To set up your gold mine you need to first make your prices competitive and still make a decent profit. The next step is word of mouth, unless you want to spend money with a newspaper ad for the same affect.

Remember in small town’s words of mouth works best. For word of mouth to work best you need to socialize and do it well, get your point across and explain to the potential customers why they should choose you.

Okay once you have your first client, lay down your terms and conditions (this must include labor rates).

If they decided to go ahead, I strongly recommend building the computer at their house. This shows the client you are keen and their not wasting their money.

As you are building the computer in front of them it is important to ask them do you have any questions. (You have to make it sound as professional as possible). This will make you look really professional.

Remember when building the system, make sure you take the time to do cable management. This shows you take pride in your work.

Once you have completed your first client it is natural for them to call you a lot asking for your assistance on advanced things. This could include installing more programs or maybe even a little networking. (Really Advance).

Of course on the way you can create an eBay store, website even a social network.

Just remember to be straight forward, honest and evil when it comes to money. You don't want people taking advantage of you.

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Comment by Ninesvnsicks on March 22, 2009 at 1:15pm
I agree I think they should stop selling dialup all together i mean it's so far behind the times and just creates frustrations to all us high speed users. I do understand it's cheaper but if everyone has high speed then they would reduce the price anyways.
Comment by CozmoCon123 on March 22, 2009 at 9:14am
Really Good Advice Thanks.

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