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How to install Custom Firmware on a PSP (Slim)

This past weekend I decided it was time to join the “homebrew” PSP community. It was time to install custom firmware (CFW) onto my PSP, opening it up to a world of possibilities. It was easier than I thought, but it was still a very scary thing to do the first time around. I thought I had killed my PSP at one point but thankfully I got it running eventually.

This post may be way off base with the topics covered in my blog, but WTF, it’s my blog and I may need to look back at what I did should I mod another PSP. This is a great way to archive my steps.

What you need:

* 1 Slim PSP: I have the silver one, model 2001.
* 1 Sony Memory Stick: Mine was a 1 GB stick, way more than enough space for this.
* WINDOWS XP: To my knowledge Vista complicates things.
* A mini USB cord: I used the USB cord that allows me to charge my PS3 controller.
* Knife: I simply used a pearing knife, though an exacto knife would do a better job.


* The Partition Mover - There should be minimum three (3) files in this: the msipl.bib, msinst.exe, and a readme
* The Pandora Files (Universal Unbricker)- This has the eboots, folders, bin file, etc. that will be mentioned later on…
* WinRAR - This is a free archiving program (like Winzip).

Click here to read Phases 1 through 4

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