Do you want to have a Ventrilo server set up for your home, family, or business? Do you want an easy way for people around you to verbally speak with you by using the Internet? Do you have the Ventrilo Client, and want to learn how to use it? Well your answer is yes to all the above questions take a look at the tutorial below to get started on creating your very own Ventrilo server.

First go to, and then choose under the server programs section what type of download you need. The type of operating system you have usually helps determine that decision for you. After you choose your download you’ll be taken to a new screen giving you the terms, conditions, and agreement write up. On the very bottom of that page you will see an Agree button. Click that to begin the 3-4 second download.

After the download you’ll be taken through the usual install scenario that shows you the progress of the install. You will be also asked a few questions like what organization you’re affiliated with along with your name.

Once completed go to your start menu, and then click “All Programs”. Then scroll along the list until you find a file called “VentSRV”. Click on that and then select “Edit INI File”. This will open a text editor such as notepad. In this file you will see a list of server options. From there you can edit the information relative to your desires such as the server name, and password. After you have completed that make sure that you save it.

Once you’ve completed the above go to VentSRV again, but this time click on the actual Ventrilo server. This will open up a black window detailing information regarding your server. There is no need to do anything with the server other than leaving it running in the background.

Now open your Ventrilo Client, which you can download and install here. From there you should make sure you have your user profile filled in. Now click on Server(->). Afterwards click create a new server, and type in your server name. Once you’ve clicked Ok, type in the hostname box “localhost”, or the IP address of the server you wish to use. Then type in the password you created in the INI File. Once you hit OK everything should be complete and ready to go.

* Don’t forget to Click Connect.

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Comment by Eddy on February 11, 2009 at 12:36pm
Thanks for the post!
I really think this can help people out!

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