Insider secrets: iPlayer outside UK, Hulu outside US

Well, not really insider secrets, but just a few easy solutions for a couple of problems.

Everyone who isn't from the United States or is from there and has travelled abroad with a laptop, knows that Hulu and similar services don't work outside the US.

Everyone not from the UK or anyone from the UK who has travelled abroad with a laptop, knows that iPlayer and Demand Five don't work outside the UK.

Everyone not from the US has gotten a copyright message on youtube that this video is not available in your country.

But there's two solutions to that. Both of them may cost, but they also may not. Both are also legal unless you use them for illegal purposes. And I don't find watching hulu outside the US illegal.

Solution number 1:

HTTP/HTTPS proxy. Use a UK / US proxy. Or use both, for different needs.
Please note that Web proxies (like either don't work for online video or HTTPS content, which is needed for some services, so use proxy servers.

I, myself use's premium proxy service for my UK proxy needs. It's fast enough for BBC iPlayer and it works brilliant. It's £7/month (or $11/month). It's absolutely brilliant. It also offers a 3-day trial, so you can try the service out before you actually make the purchase. Paypal account needed for the 3-day trial.

Please note that using this for iPlayer is illegal UNLESS you are a UK citizen abroad and have paid the license fee.

Solution number 2:
VPN service. Use a UK / US VPN service. I have not tried that, but it should be hard to find and even harder to set up. So I'd recommend going with solution number 1.

Please note that hotspot shield, which is a free VPN service, doesn't work for hulu.

A tutorial on how to enable a proxy server on a Mac:

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Comment by Mad Max on August 17, 2009 at 2:22pm
Handy to know. Also it's somewhat ironic that it's illegal to use iPlayer outside the UK even though the UK laws won't have any jurisdiction over other territories lol. Altho I'm sorted if I travel and use it seeing as I'm from England.

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