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The other day I was searching the internet for phone stands I had checked eBay and also Amazon and Google images. I couldn't find any Stand that I liked to me most Iphone stands are plain and boring I wanted summit that was different to all the rest. One picture stood out witch was a Phone stand made out of K-Nex but I didn't like the look of it. I had given some K-Nex to my sister and I wanted to make my own so I had took some of the K-Nex she was not using it and I asked her permission And I built my own stand. 

It only took me an hour maximum to think of the perfect way to built it and also to built it and to change the way it is. Now I have a special Iphone stand that works with every phone I have used. Make your own Products like this is what makes your home and also the stuff you use unique.   

Here the stand I had made.

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