OnLive is coming soon

And for those of you who don't know what OnLive is. OnLive is

the gaming equivalent of Cloud computing. The games are synchronized,
rendered, and they are also stored on a remote server. The games are
delivered online via this service. And as far as we know the service
is compatible with Windows XP, Windows vista, and should also support
windows 7, as well as operating Systems like MAC OS X and Linux. A
low-end computer that can play video will be able to play any kind of
game from the service, since the games are computed from the OnLive
server. The list of compatible devices is quiet large, and most people should

easily be able to use this service with even the oldest of hardware, that is

at least capable of streaming video, and holds an internet connection of

at least 1.5MBPS Plus.

Now this is pretty cool if you ask me, especially when you look at the cost's of
purchasing a computer that can handle some of the games out their
today. You simply pay a 15$ a month fee for access to all these
games, and all you have to have is a computer that is compatible with
the service, and atleast a 1.5MB internet connection to play. But the
question is whether or not the user will also have to pay for the
games, and games are expensive, ranging from 50 to as high as 70$ per
title. Top that off with the 15$ monthly subscription fee to the
service, and you may be asking yourself if this was really worth it.

Would it be better financially in the long run to maybe just stick with a gaming
computer or video game console? Instead of paying 15$ a month on top
of everything else.

The OnLive video game service will be available in the United states on
June 17

it is also projected for European release in 2011.

Comments Welcome.

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