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Windows XP, the most popular operating system on the planet. So popular that when one sees it’s logo they automatically associate it with Microsoft and computers in general. But as time moves forward, and the grains of sand trickle to the bottom of the hour glass, we see WindowsXp aging with every day.
There is no doubt that XP is an older operating system, it was a huge comeback from Microsoft after the Windows ME crisis. It packed so many new features, and jumped on the train of the new GUI software, first innovated by Apple with Mac OS X 10.0. Many would say that it drove Microsoft to become the huge success that it currently is. But even with it’s majority market share, and as innovative as it was for it’s time, it seems to be aged. It still has some of the GUI characteristics of prior Operating Systems to XP, and lacks many of the new features that can be found in Mac OS X Leopard and Microsoft Windows Vista.
After Microsoft Windows XP was released, the public anxiously waited for the release of Longhorn. However this OS was never meant to be, and the program has been replaced with Windows Vista. Though Windows Vista is claimed to be Microsoft’s most powerful operating system yet, we have seen that Windows XP has survived, maybe beyond it’s time.
I have read many stories of people switching to Mac OS X from Windows XP because of all the new features and they didn’t want to go to Vista. Even though against Microsoft’s wishes computer OEM’s such as dell are starting to offer WindowsXP for their systems.
I predict that if Windows7 isn’t better that WindowsXP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X, then Microsoft will see a rapid decline in Market share. What are your opinions? Please comment.

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Comment by Charles Keisler on January 1, 2010 at 9:38pm
For Years The market has done this, companies will find a good operating system and buy a mas quantity licensee so they can downgrade newer systems to. I for one had experinced this first hand building, and repairing computers when i started at seven years old, back then Windows ME was being shipped with every computer, many consumers wanted to "Downgrade" to 98, 95, or, they aloud purchase a business computer that shipped with 2000 professional, based on the NT framework which was far superior to the framework. Businesses would then "skip a beat" and upgrade form 98 to XP, or from 2000 to vista. As we progress beyond vista and 7 we see the need for yet again another framework to base the windows kernel off of, to properly handel system resources. windows 7 has done the best job art fixing what bill botched up with vista, but i think we will eventually outgrow the windows NT framework.

I will also be opening this as a new thread for discussion
Comment by BOB Schell on January 3, 2009 at 7:05pm
XP was and still is a great OS but MS make vista to raise the bar on hardware in a way that is good but vista is too big. I do like both OS but vista offers some new features that i like. The future of MS is windows 7 maybe a vista look a like but a XP 2 with new stuff under the hood.

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