It's been 3 years since Started On September 3 2008

Back on September 3 2008 was born.


Chris Pirillo showed off geeks to the world on his live video stream in a video called Where Do You Meet Geeks. 




When I first saw that video I thought Chris was talking about a dating website for geeks but It was not a dating website for geeks it was a website were you could post Questions in the forums, Blog, have a Profile page, and make it your own by changing the theme, adding Photos, adding Music, and Videos.


I joined geeks two days later and I have been here ever since September 5 2008 and have never looked back.


Geeks has come along way since then we only had over 2000 members then now we have over 20,000 members and growing everyday.


I have enjoyed being a proud member of geeks I have seen how this website has changed from 2008 to now.


Members have come and gone.


But geeks still remains one of the best websites on the net today along with  and


When I ever watch one of Chris's videos I always love hearing geeks get a mention from time to time.


Great job Chris with geeks I wonder what's next for   

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Comment by Gary on September 5, 2011 at 4:03pm
I've been here since 2008 as well. I remember this site used to be active like crazy but it's been dying down. I haven't been really active much since 2009 cuz I've been busy with college and stuff, but I still try to come here once in a while.
Comment by JT on September 5, 2011 at 1:25pm

I also have been a member since this Web Site was first created. I have seen it go from extremely active to what it is today.  The longest length of time that I have been away from Geeks.Pirillo.Com has been 3 days.


Even though I have not made many entries I still log onto this Web Site every day.


I review the Latest Activity to see if there are any Discussions or Blogs that I care to respond to and then, depending on what I see, I either click on another open Tab on my Browser or write a response.


There have been times where I have seen the same Discussions or Blogs on the Latest Activity section for a week.


I wish that it wasn't so dead here. I do not revel in talking to myself....LOL

Comment by LADYTECH on September 5, 2011 at 12:14pm

I agree with SSB i think we were some of the highly active bunch. Hi SSB. Yea this site rocked from discussions, to jokes, laughes and some pulling hair too (lol). but Yea most of us have gone and I think it's mostly due to the drastic change of the ning site and I guess the lack of activity went down from there.

But some of us still come by ever now and then.


Comment by SassySweetBren on September 4, 2011 at 12:39am

I once was  here all the time and learning something new from my fellow Geek friends.  Then life called my name and I had to do other things.  Now, I am trying to get back here each day.  The thing is that I do not see much activity on here.  That is heart breaking because this site rocked at one time.

I wish people would come  back in and start this place rocking again.

Oh, nice to see you are still on here and blogging up a storm.  Hugs

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