How many times when you buy a new phone they say, you need to charge it for 12 hours before using it? or similar things like drain all the battery before charging. well i've done some research and found some myths about these batteries that will change the way we use them, So let's get started.


Myth 1: Do they need an initial charge of 8-12 hours?


No, all Li-ion batteries do not require an inittial charge, this batteries are made for a maximun of mAh and can not exceed that amount, so they will never improve their capacity with an initial charge of any type.


This creates the illusion that we should not charge them more than they should, and there our second myth.


Myth 2: we must disconnect the device after charging to avoid overcharging?

Again No, modern batteries come with integrated circuits that prevent the entry of more current when it reaches 100% charge, and when we see the graph that most phones provides of battery status we realize that the first 80%  is reached very fast and the other 20% in almost the same amount of time over the rest, and when it's done charge, we see that its load varies between 100% and 99% for the rest of the time it is connected, so it prevent overcharge.


What if there is to be careful not to overheat, but this only happens if you are in a hot environment by putting the gadget on intensive tasks.


Myth 3: you have to drain all the battery before charging?

Yes/No, much depends on the gadget, each device runs the battery information differently, and calibration depends on both counters (the indicator of the device and the battery itself) start from 0% or close to that for the device show actual charge, but the reality is that a lot of computers, smart phones and tablets today do not need this, as they have many systems that monitor both the device and the battery and can deduce exactly what the real charge without calibration, but it's recoendable always do this at least once a year.


All of this myths can change if we talk about the old nickel ion batteries, because they do need all of this things to work properly because the internal structure of the metal can vary greatly according to the amount of current passing through them.


What do you think of this myth? do you do this things? what other things you do to your batteries to extend their life?

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