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When my tax return came in, I decided that I wanted to buy a new computer. My MacBook from 2009 wasn't really showing any signs of aging, although the power cord was having some issues, but I had an overwhelming desire to buy something new. I looked at the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, they both would come in around 1100 dollars and I really couldn't see that they would give me much more than I already had. What I wanted, I eventually decided, was change. It wasn't change for the better or change because it was time, it was just change for the sake of change. I decided I would look for a Windows PC.

I started with the usual suspects: HP, Dell, Toshiba, but none of them seemed particularly exciting. They were just laptop computers with shiny lids. There were two groups that I was looking at, one of the groups consisted of thick and heavy computers with little sense of style and the other group consisted of computers that were trying too hard to be Apple. I already had plenty of Apple products and I couldn't see spending much money on something that looked like an Apple product but wasn't. It looked as though there would be nothing good to choose from.

Then I found it, the computer that didn't try to look like something it wasn't, a simple black box called a Thinkpad. It was beautiful in its own way, it didn't need to have colorful lids, chromed accents, or LED lights all over it to look good. It was a celebration of conservative design. I bought the Thinkpad x120e from Amazon, it was the version with the 1.6Ghz dual core 64 bit AMD Fusion processor and 4GB of RAM. The operating sytem would be Windows 7 Professional 64 bit edition - which is a lot to say. I have to say though, that so far my experience with Windows 7 hasn't been too bad.

By getting a business-class notebook, I was able to get a computer with virtually no bloatware or extra applications that don't serve any useful purpose. It did come with Lenovo's ThinkVantage software but it seems to be quite useful, I use it to control the computer's power settings and wireless networking. I'll post more of my experience as a Mac user's experience getting back into the world of the PC later.

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Comment by Tyler Brown on April 7, 2012 at 11:15pm

Nice choice on going with a Thinkpad. :) 

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