Lying on the net would soon be a crime....

Soon it will be a crime to gives false infomation on the net. You cannot lie about your age or uses a fake name. Sometimes we uses the fake info to protect ourselves. As usual, it is a double edged blade. It will protect you but it will cut you too. People also uses fake info to do bad things. So is the law flexible enough to filter out safe people who just gives fake info because he don't feel comfortable to gives it? Then again, it is a must to give the truth so, if you can't avoid giving, then don't use that service. Currently it seems only Americans are affected. Who knows, if this works for the US, it might set a standard for the rest of the world. All the liars get ready for your pants on fire! So does the liars include those using a fake picture? Looks like a grey area which will eventually be covered, just to be safe than sorry....

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