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So Apple finally gets to sell Beatles tracks on their Itune store. Then, is this what it will be in future? All new music will be media files? You will need a USB flash device to carry them just so you could play it on your hi-fi set. Whatever happened to the purchasing of the CD and you get to read the booklet within the CD case? Usually you get to enjoy the photographs, lyrics and any other stuff included. Already the effect was felt when I couldn't find cds of my favorite band in local HMV store. They didn't have it because it isn't a hot seller or so call well known band. They used to have all kind of CDs regardless of famous or not. Now I will have to order through internet. I will get the CD because I want all the goodies included and also to support the band and lastly, I don't need to dig out my USB device to store the tracks. Maybe I am old fashion but CDs isn't like a floppy or cassette. I can copy the tracks to my mp3 player or even use my discman. It will be sad if it all become just another file to download.

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