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As a little series I am thinking about starting my blog I will give analysis on news articeles, and other op-eds.

I will put the full text of his article here, then my response bellow.

Nine Myths about Socialism in the United States
-Monday 12, April 2010

By: Bill Quigley

Glenn Beck and other far right multi-millionaries are claiming that the US is hot on the path toward socialism. Part of their claim is that the US is hot on the path toward socialism. Part of their claim is that he US is much more generous and supportive of our working poor people than other countries. People may wish it was so, but it is not. As Sen. Patrick Moynihan used to say "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But not everyone is entitled to their own facts."
The fact is that the US is not really all that generous to our working and poor people compared to other countries.
Consider the US in comparison to the rest of the 30 countries that join he US in making up the OECD- The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. These 30 countries include Canada and most comparable European countries, but also include some struggling countries like Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Slovak Republic and Turkey.
When you look at how the US compares to these 30 countries, the hot air myths about the US government going all out toward socialism sort of disappear into thin air. here are some examples of myths that do not hold up.

Myth No. 1: The United States Government is Involved in Class Warfare, Attacking the Rich to Lift Up the Poor. There is always class warfare going on all right. But it is the rich against the rest of us and the rich are winning. The gap between the rich and everyone else is wider in the US than any of the 30other countries surveyed. In fact, the top 10 percent is the US have a higher annual income than any other country. And the poorest 10 percent in the US are below the average of other OECD countries. The rich in the US have been rapidly leaving the middle class and the poor behind since the 1980's.

Myth No. 2: The US already Has the Greatest Health Care System in the World. Infant mortality in the US is fourth worst among OCED countries - better only than Mexico, Turkey and he Slovak Republic.

Myth No. 3: There is Less poverty in the US than Anywhere. Child Poverty in the US, at over 20 percent or one out of every five kids, is double the average of the 30 OECD countries.

Myth No. 4: The US is Generous in Its treatment of Families With Children. The US ranks in the bottom half of countries in terms of financial benefits for families with children. Over half of the 30 OECD countries pay families with children cash benefits regardless of the income of the family. Some among those countries (E.G. Australia, France and Germany) pay additional benefits if the family is low income or one of the parents is unemployed.

Myth No. 5: The US is very Supportive of Its Work. The US gives no paid leave for working mothers having children. Every single one of the other 30 OECD countries has some form of pair leave. The US ranks dead last in this. Over two-thirds of the countries give some form of paid paternity leave. The US also gives no paid leave for fathers. In fact, it is only workers in the US who have no guaranteed days of pair leave at all. Korea is the next lowest to the US and it has a minimum of eight paid annual days of leave. Most of the other 30 countries require a minimum of 20 days of annual paid leave for their workers.

Myth No. 6: Poor people have more chance of Becoming rich in the US than any where else. Social Mobility (how children move up and down the economic ladder in comparison with their parents) in earnings, wages and education tends to be easier in Australia, Canada and Nordic countries like Denmark, Norway and Finland, than the US. That means more of the rich stay rich and more of the poor stay poor here in the US.

Myth No. 7: The US Spends Generously on Public Education. In terms of spending for public education, the US is just about average among the 30 countries of the OECD. Educational achievement of US children, however, is seventh worst in the OECD. On public spending for childcare and early education, the US is in the bottom third.

Myth No. 8: The US Government is Redistributing Income From the rich to the poor. There is little redistribution of income by government in the US in part because spending on social benefits like unemployment and family benefits is so low. Of the 30 countries in the OECD, only in Korea is the impact of governmental spending lower.

Myth No. 9: The US Generously Gives Foreign Aid to Countries Across the World. The US gives the smallest percentage of aid of any of the developmental countries in the OECD. In 2007, the US was tied for last with Greece. In 2008, we were tied for last with Japan.

Despite opinions of right wing folks, the facts say the US is not on the path toward socialism. But if socialism means the US would go down the path of being more generous with our babies, our children, our working families, our pregnant mothers and our sisters and brothers across the world, I think we could all appreciate it.


What follows is a bullet point analysis of that article from top to bottom.

-Glenn Beck is not a far right extreamist, I have lost count of how many times Beck has gone after people on both the left and the right.

-Under Myth No. 1: he says it is the rich against the rest of us. I ask you who are the ones providing jobs? You take away their money, over burden them w/ taxes, and simply take away the drive to achieve, you hurt EVERY ONE. If you doubt this ask your self, how many jobs have you gotten from a poor person. As for the idea that the US has been leaving the middle class behind, I find it interesting the more social programs we add the MORE people become poor and dependant on government hand outs.

-Under Myth No. 2: I do not see what infant mortality has to do w/ the US going towards socialism, but lets leave that aside. I wonder A: Where this information was gotten from. B: I wonder in what ever statistic he got this from if they are taking into account the following factors:
-Simple differences in regions, what ails some people in certain parts of the world doesn't ail others.
-The parents who are having the children ((Are they a bunch of drugies))
-Dietary factors etc.
((I think he was taking a shot @ H.C. System))

-Under Myth No. 3: He says that there is more child poverty in the US than any other area of OCED countries. I wonder if the statistic he got this from (ifany) took into acount the age of these poor children parents. Are the children those of middle aged people? or some dumb chick still in high school that has 200 babies?

-Under Myth No. 4: It is a good thing we rank in the bottom half, we are in a fiscal hell right now. Of the countries he listed, they are starting to real back their programs because they cannot afford them any longer. No wonder that Europe is so far into debt, hey are paying every one for having children, WTF! I cannot understand the logic behind that. Why would people demand heir neighbors pay them simply for having children!? In my mind you don't have children until you are in a possition in life to provide ((By your self [this incldues spouse])) for the childs needs, and have a decent place to live. You do not need to have children while your in high school still earning minimum wage while working at Mc Donalds.

-Under Myth No. 5: -Sigh- I am glad the U.S. insint like Europe ((yet)), I would not accept the payed 20 days off, why in the hell is governmnet paying people not work?!?!?! The logic makes no sense, which is probably why their books are driping with red ink.

-Under Myth No. 6: the reason people do not move up and down as easily in the united states is because you have to do some thing called EARN it, it is very easy to move up and down in the United States if you actually work at it instead of getting more money from the government than your parents did ((Which is probably what is happening in Europe)). Look at a lot of basket ball stars coming out of dirt poor neighborhoods, look at Rush limbaugh who never finished college. Or even Obama. the fact is, if you are skilled and work at it, you can go any where, that is until Obama & friends make it impossibe by rasing your taxes through the roof.

-Under Myth No. 7: This one is not a myth, I can attest to how bad public education is ((read previous blog posts)). We spend more and more money, and we get nothing in return...Well, not nothing, we get worse test scores.

-Under Myth No. 8: The United States government is not redistributing wealth is just an out right lie, esspecially considering that Obama has said more times than I have fungers that he wants to speard the wealth arround. We have promised $109 TRILLION in unfunded liabiliies, that is the very deffinition of socialism.

-Under Myth No. 9: The United States has been increasing unemployment benefits, and almost every other benfit in the past soon to be 2 years. And he cites Greece, unfortunately greece is having economic riots.

While when he is right, we are not full blown socialist, we are on the fast track, and we have good reason NOT to want to go down the track

Maybe this was a bit long, bt of well.


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