My Short Review of the Apple iPod Nano 6G

HERE is a video of my unboxing and short review of the Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation released September 2010. I have had the device for a couple weeks now and have used it quite a lot. Not in the way you would assume, I have an iPhone 4 which I primarily use for my iPod, however, I have used my iPod Nano just as much as an “iWatch” I purchased a leather watch strap and attached my iPod to it with the built on clip. It is a very handy smart watch of sorts. I plug the included headphones in and use it as I am walking about and using my iPhone for other things. It is a very sleek and stylish iPod and watch.

The aluminum finish is polished and slick and it is nearly weightless. Weighing close to the same as a couple quarters in my hand and as small as my iPad Camera connector kit. It’s screen is small but not to hard to use I can fit two fingers on it to do rotation gestures just fine. It is a clock, stop watch, timer, photo viewer with slideshows, podcast device, pedometer, voice memo input device (assuming you buy headphones with a built in microphone not included) and did I mention it is also an iPod?

Apple dropped the HD camcorder as well as video playback and iPod games in favor of the small form factor, nearly buttonless design and cost. At first I was quite upset with this however, I am not going to watch movies on a 1 inch screen, nor am I going to record videos on a 1 inch screen. Should they have made it bigger? No, just get an iPod Touch if you want bigger.

Over all I think the new iPod Nano is great and if you just want music and maybe some picture viewing it’s a great iPod, don’t get the iPod Shuffle, ever. Just save a little more for the Nano or the Touch.

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