Patriot Solid State Drive's Far From "Solid"

[b]Patriot Solid State Drive's Far From "Solid"[/b]
By: NatureCannon
March 29, 2010


I am sure you have seen the benchmarks and reviews of the Patriot Torqx, problem is all those whom reviewed the Torqx only had it for a short time while testing. This article is going to cover the[i] truth[/i], reliability and the way Patriot themselves tackles the issues the Torqx and their other SSD's have. A must read if you ever considered giving Patriot your hard earned money for a SSD.......... or any other product they offer for that matter.

[b]Patriots Torqx: common SSD failure[/b]

For 5 months, August through early January Patriot let a bad batch of Patriot Torqx SSD's escape their hands. To make matters worse, during the initial RMA's, Patriot was replacing the failed Torqx with the same bad batch SSD's which failed on the consumer once again and put important data at risk if not lost.

The bad batch Patriot Torqx SSD is lot code 6 (See pic below). At first Patriot said it was only the 128GB Torqx and sold from the retailer Newegg. That was proven to be false as other size Torqx began to fail as well as Torqxs purchased from numerous distributors & retailers. Patriot also claimed a fix (twice), if consumers with the bad batch SSD installed the latest Firmware, both 1881 and then 1916 the SSD failure would be resolved. Keep in mind, firmware upgrades wipes a drive clean (destructive update) so a time consuming backup and reinstall is involved. Neither firmware did resolved the issue, my 64Gb Torqx failed 1 week after installing most recent 1916 firmware upgrade.

[i]Fortunately one of my Patriot Torqx was a lot code 2, purchased in early spring of 09. No issues as of yet although I backup my data daily in fear of Patriots recent engineering history.[/i]

After many angry Torqx purchasers demanded answers, Patriot finally fessed up that there was an issue. Initially they were only offering RMA's to failed drives with lot code 6. It took some pestering for Patriot to offer a replacement drive with lot code 6 before the inevitable death of the Patriot Torqx.

Out of fairness, I will say Patriot has offered to begin replacing bad batch SSD's as of February with lot code 2 SSD's. I have not received my replacement drive so I cant say for sure if that is the case or if the replacement SSD's are reliable. We shall see, although my confidence with Patriot products has been shattered. I will be moving on to a more reliable OEM for my data storage.

Their RMA department is another story in itself and I will share my experience. My Patriot Torqx failed on 3/5/10 which I purchased in mid December of 09. I emailed their RMA department requesting required RMA # to begin replacement process. On 3/10/10 I received my RMA number and shipped my SSD via FED Ex. SSD was received by Patriot on the morning of 3/15/10. Partiots [url=]RMA info thread [/url] states "All replacements will be processed within five(5) working days upon receipt of the defective product(s). Patriot Memory will advise of any changes, and customers will be notified of ship date and tracking information via email." so I responded on the 4th day requesting my SSD status knowing their history and poor response record.

I received an email the next afternoon (3/19/10) telling me:

"[i]Hello Mr. NatureCannon,
We are going to send the replacement early next week, I will e-mail the tracking # information once become available.

Apologize for the delay, thanks[/i]."

Well it is now 3/29/10, 10 days later and I have not received a tracking number (way overdue), My SSD (way overdue) nor any response from Patriot (waaay overdue). Very disappointed to say the least, average turn around time is over 30 days if your lucky. Only took 2 seconds for Patriot to snatch the $250 dollars out of my hand. One would expect priority service after being supplied with a poorly designed and known faulty product that has effected a great amount of customers that put their faith in the name of Patriot. Never again!

A few more RMA disasters from others:

"[i]The last communication I received was that my RAM would be replaced with a similar product, this was two weeks ago. I would like information on my RAM as it would be nice to use my computer which I have been unable to do for a month now. Please respond to my emails or forum post.[/i]"

And another:

"[i]Patriot received my PBO on February 4th so it's been almost a month since they received my PBO. On follow ups with the RMA department, I had been told the unit would be shipped by the end of the week for a couple weeks now. Still nothing.[/i]"

Above quotes are only a few of the countless complaints, take a look for yourself at Patriots poor response time and lack of answers, if any are received at all in their [url=]RMA Questions Forum[/url]. Baffled why "RMA Questions Forum" exist, most question are never addressed and same goes for their so called "Support forum".


[b]Another Patriot engineering disaster

Patriot is also selling the PS-100 Solid State Drive and it is has degraded in performance shortly after plugging in, so bad that it brings the OS to its knees with constant look ups, stutters and crashes.. Patriot has promised a new firmware fix for months now, only leaving those whom purchased it with nothing but frustration . Here is a quote from one of the many unfortunate owners of the PS-100 SSD

"[i]I am beyond frustrated with this drive. After fresh install of Windows 7 I was topping out at 34 mb/s read. I tried to get help from the tech support and still have yet to hear something. I reinstalled Windows and I am now getting 184 mb/s top write and 50 mb/s read. The read is far from what they advertise. I talked to a friend who purchased a drive from another manufacturer and they are getting pretty close to what was advertised. I will not be purchasing products from Patriot anymore[/i]."

The above consumer, to this day, is still stranded with a Patriot PS-100 SSD paperweight. Shame on you Patriot.


If you email patriot don't expect and answer and if you do get an answer, don't count on what they have told you, most likely another lie and stall tactic. I am very surprised a company of this size and with its past reputation conducts business as they do, Patriot has very poor business ethics and leaves their consumers fending for themselves after receiving poorly engineered products they distribute.

Some will claim "Hey, the Torqx has a 10 year warranty" your covered. Well, as far as I am concerned they can keep the 10 year warranty, I would rather have a 3 year warranty with at least a few good trouble free years. Don't get me wrong, I do understand there are instances when hardware fails now and then but this goes above and beyond the occasional case of hardware failure.

All my loyalty and faith has left Patriot and so should yours. Buyer beware when it comes to spending your hard earned money on the name Patriot.

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