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1st of all, slight fanboy warning. This article may opinions that favor Apple, but that's just going to happen with any topic.

After reading this article I was frustrated with what this person said about the iPad.

The name sucks: Sure, iPad may not be the best name (I personally like iSlate better or iTablet), but this is what we have. Maybe it fits better what Apple is planning for the long term future of the device.

The network sucks: AT&T is the only GSM carrier in the US (T-moblie has a different frequency I believe), and the rest of the world has decided to use GSM as their standard, not CDMA. It is likely that in the future a CDMA version that would be compatible with Verizon will come out, but not for the first version of it. If they had made it only CDMA then they could only sell it in the US and wouldn't be able to sell it anywhere else until they made a GSM version.

No flash: Mobile flash just isn't that great. Some devices it works, others it doesn't. Apple is hoping HTML 5 will be used more in the near future, which will most likely replace flash. As I read in one article, the author said that flash doesn't even run that great on most Netbooks, so how would it work on the iPad?

No multitasking: This could just be a limitation of the device, or more likely a limitation of the OS. Possibly iPhone OS 4 will change this and allow for multitasking, but right now it isn't that way. How often on a device like the iPad would you want to multitask anyways? Wouldn't you rather use a notebook for multitasking?

No camera: This was probably just a cost cutting feature. Although it may just cost $5 to buy the camera, more goes into production, which would raise the price. In a year, when prices go down on components, they would most likely put a camera in. It's probably possible now, but they decided to not do it now.

It's big: It's a big screen too.... I don't exactly get this part of the article. I'm pretty sure they weren't designing it to fit in your pocket, more like a bag you carry around. If you want something more portable, get an iPod Touch or iPhone.

It's heavy: A screen, aluminum, and glass are heavy, but it makes it feel good in the hand! Usually if something feels really light it feels cheap and feels like it's going to break. I doubt you would hardly notice 1.5 lbs in a bag.

No Video Output: Sure, it doesn't have HDMI out, but Apple will never do this. They don't even have it on their Apple TV, so why would they put it on the iPad. It's just Apple that won't do this. Also they're going to sell an adaptor that will go from the dock connector to VGA so you could hook it up to a projector or your TV to show off your pictures.

It's not pretty: This is really personal tastes, but it looks pretty damn good for what it is. Don't be complaining about the bezel either because if you didn't have a big bezel with it, where would your fingers go to hold it? Then it would mess up the touch sensing and your thumb would block part of the screen.

The keyboard sucks: You haven't used it, and neither have I. Again, they are selling accessories to tilt the screen, or you can even buy the keyboard (the dockable one or even the bluetooth Apple Keyboard) and use it with the device.

No USB port: I'm not sure what you're planning to plug into this... Wouldn't you rather just download your pictures to your main computer instead of your iPad anyways?

No 16:9: Well I'm not exactly sure why they did this either... 1 point to you sir. Maybe it would have been awkward to hold or something?

No Widgets: What do you call the app store then?

The battery sucks: When they said 10 hours I'm pretty sure that was even when watching videos on the thing. Steve Jobs said he could watch movies on it all the way from San Fransico to Hong Kong (or some city in Asia).

The storage limitation sucks: Most people will do fine with that amount of space, but there are people like you that need more space for music and video. Wait until next year maybe?

Reading books on the iPad sucks: Sure, it isn't ideal, but if you compare it to a Kindle DX, which only reads books, it's a pretty nice deal. Plus you can see color images, integrate videos, and even have color comic books on it. An e-ink screen is the best for reading eBooks, but this is a pretty nice all in one package.

A lot of people have been saying wait for the 2nd generation iPad, which is probably true. It will be cheaper and probably have a lot of the features that we think are missing from this generation. And really, if we wouldn't have been reading so many rumors would we be as upset? It's our fault really for being so disappointed.

What do you think? Do you think there's no excuse for these things missing from the iPad or do you not mind? Will you be getting one?

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Comment by Alexander Melton on January 29, 2010 at 10:04pm
All the criticism is not stopping me from getting one, I want one for what it can do, not what it can't.

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