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A new puppy smells nothing like a new car, but given enough trips they start to smell the same. The photo you see was taken today as I made my weekly trip to the local Petco for hamster supplies. The Elgin Humane Society had their sweetest dogs outside the front doors next to the Girl Scouts selling their cookies. Between the adorable dogs and the smiling girl scouts, even the roughest of males would have to stop and take notice of all the cuteness this scene provided.

This is where Rocky comes in. Rocky is a Rat-Chi with a blend of bouncy, jumpy, shaky, and energetic all in one furry little package. He was being lead around on a choker leash by a woman that reminded me of Ms. Roberts that used to live down the street when I was a kid. Ms. Roberts had a dog named Bo who was easily heavier than she could possibly be, and almost as tall. He would take her for a walk twice a day as she regaled anyone that was going her way with stories of her youth growing up in England.

Rocky was sniffing around and enjoying every bit of attention he received from customers entering and exiting the Petco. He greeted everyone with a sniff, a lick, and a paw. His sister was laying in the arms of one of the members of the Elgin Humane Society awaiting her new parents which were making a quick trip to the bank for the $125.00 adoption fee. I overheard the caretakers talking about the adoption of his sister and asked if anyone had adopted him. It seemed unfair for twins to be split up and only one of them finding a good home while the other waited at a shelter not knowing what the next day would bring.

I held out my hand and he walked right up and gave me a lick as he looked up at me, those puppy eyes sadder than any I have ever seen. I grabbed my phone out of my pocked and speed dialed Angela to ask her permission to bring this little fella home with us. She asked the standard string of questions including how much, how old, what he looks like, how big he is, and whether or not I'm sure this is what I really want. My answers were exactly what you might expect from a life-long dog lover... YES!

I took the above photo on my mobile phone and sent a multimedia message to her so she could see him before I brought him home. She called back after having received the photo and shared my excitement over our new four-legged friend. We decided right then and there that we were going to be dog owners and Rocky was going to be that dog.

The Elgin Humane Society was very efficient in processing the adoption. They handed me the paperwork I needed, accepted the fee, and gave me a packet which included everything I needed to know about him so far. They also handed me a Petco coupon book which came in handy as I headed in to the store with Rocky to pick up supplies for him and Timmy, our hamster. He picked out his own food and water dish, dog food, and crate. I have always wondered how people could take their dogs shopping knowing that they would likely be in everything, but when shopping for pet supplies having the pet there with you makes it a lot easier to find the things he wants.

My next post will continue day one as I took him home for the first time.

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Comment by GrannyDiane on February 4, 2009 at 6:25pm
Congratulations on your new puppy!! I am so happy he has a home.

Sorry, but when I read what you said about his sister finding a home, but not him, I got tears. Why am I so weepy? I love animals and I feel pain when I think of the ones who have no home to go to and no one to love them.

Please, keep us up to date on news of your new puppy. :)
Comment by Travicemo on February 4, 2009 at 2:08pm
That is a nice looking pup, congratulations.

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