I used to be the unteachable wife to my computer savvy husband. I twas like another language listening to him go on and on about the latest gadget and device. It took only took ONE introduction to a POS and I was hooked. From the girl who didn't know a Mega Byte from a bug bite to a chic geek, these are my new favorites:

  1. The iPad Point of Sale System. The iPad is a great cheap alternative to the hard to learn and clunky POS systems that traditional business have used for years. Take advantage of things like paperless receipts, wireless access from any device anywhere, analytical data, intuitive design and did we mention it’s much cheaper?

  2. The Google Nexus 7. For under $200, Google’s 7” tablet is a great alternative to the more pricey iPad, especially for those users not used to Apple products. It’s fast, lightweight and has a great screen.

  3. The Samsung Galaxy S3. With its huge screen and high performance software, the Galaxy S3 is the best Android phone on the market. It gets bonus points for being available on ALL of the major US phone carriers. No need to jailbreak this phone just to use it on your carrier!

  4. The Solio Bolt Charger. Never run out of phone battery again! The Solio Bolt Charger can recharge your phone fully 2 times without being recharged itself. No power outlets out in the middle of the dessert? Not to worry, the Solio has built in solar panels to recharge itself. Not a bad deal for only $60!

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Comment by Don Millette on November 10, 2012 at 3:52am

Hey this Solio Bolt Charger thing is awesome!

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