You might wonder what i mean by a makeover of a web giant. Certainly it ain't a fashion Company. But the way Google introduced their new Styles and look one after the other is truly overwhelming. It all around a month ago. People were talking about the recently launched Google+ button then. Soon the company made a change in their top-bar. All white and classy in it's design. Although this event was nothing significant but it triggered a reaction so big that it almost engulfed every blogger, webmaster and normal users today.


Then came the all important Google Search Update. The new Design, voice commands, image search instantly created a buzz among the blogsphere. But, Google was not done yet. The Biggest news was announced a few days later, the Google+. This was by far the company's best attempt to give a stiff competition to Facebook. The news spread like a Wildfire. Within 24 Hours or So Google decided to stop accepting any new applicants for the Beta Invite. Google+ gained a lot of popularity within a week or so. The Google+ Hangout became the most popular feature of the new social network. 


People Instantly started pointing out that it's High time for Facebook to launch a Video service of their own. In an act of desperation Facebook did launch a new Video Chat service powered by Skype, but it was too simple to be compared to the Google+ Hangout. Google won a silent war. Many people think that Facebook and Skype had a deal for months, but you should also understand that it was an act of desperation or else why would they release it only after a week of Google+'s Launch.


Google was not done yet. Looks like the website wanted a complete makeover of its image. Along with Google+ the company also launched their new Black Option bar at the top. For years Google kept a white image in almost all their application and now they decided to go with the opposite color. The new Gmail was soon previewed.  People started using the new Gmail look as a theme although the actual product will have more and more new features.



Last but not the least How can Google forget their Video Networking giant YouTube. Last Night YouTube launched a brand new look called Cosmic Panda. The new YouTube looks fabulous. The CSS and styles are fresh and new options are added to your Channel Customization. You can select from four different themes now. The video player had a black background and you now have options to see videos in various expanded sizes. YouTube feels young and sleek. 


Well, that's roughly the Google Makeover Story. According to my knowledge no other website has undergone such drastic change in their looks and introduced so many new services at a stretch. The Company once again proved why many call them the "Big Daddy" of the World Wide Web.

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Comment by James Butcher on July 12, 2011 at 11:36pm

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