Want to download the audio and music from Youtube videos for Free?

Have you ever found yourself searching through Youtube and waiting for a video to buffer just so you can listen to a song from a music video or montage? How about working on a project and wanted to grab an audio clip and ditch the video so you can use it? I found a really cool free site that lets you take the URL (website address) for the youtube video with the audio you want and put it into a search bar, select standard or high quality and hit the download button, then in a few moments your song or audio clip is downloaded right to your computer for free, no gimmick no catch. Wow I can’t believe how much I sound like a scam/spam advertiser. No I am not getting paid to do this, I wish I was. No, I just used it a few times and it is quite handy so I thought I would pass it on to you guys. The picture above is a link but if that doesn’t work it is what the picture says listentoyoutube.com

Check it out HERE

You are quite welcome.


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