What inspires you to make movies/videos?

I'm doing an english paper and the topic question is "What inspires people to make videos/movies" and so I ask you as a community, what DOES inspires you to make videos/movies?

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Comment by thelast1uthinkof on April 23, 2009 at 4:13am
wow, uhh I don't think I could match that comment...

I, personally, make videos because I see some videos, either on the youtubes or just random sites, and I think to myself 'Gee, I could make something at least twice as good as that if i wanted to...'

I guess that's kind of a bad thing, sort of a subconscious egotisticalism... ah well
Comment by Shtanto on April 22, 2009 at 6:35pm
You could also say you need help with homework :p

Now if this were me, I'd begin with a fine grain blather about the writings of Neil Postman and his observations on how a medium should never justify content. Half on what can be found on TV is evidence of this. Without TV, the world would have been spared the teletubbies and a whole plethora of disturbing TV shows. I'll refer you here to prove my point. Games and the internet are not above similar transgressions. This game will most likely leave a unique scar, or a funny story.

As for inspiration, Home & Away once featured a one off character (stinky old Irishman) who said everything done is a copy of something preceeding it. Given that 2000 years of art and culture has probably gotten most of the good original stuff done and dusted, it's nice to see new originality breaking through. And thanks to the internet, we can see it all the time.

Inspiration (or perspiration) could be placed at the feet of either the Muses as in classic Greek tradition or a reflexive neural net cascade as in modern science. The most common causes of videos on youtube are siginificant personal events, pet antics (notably cats) and educational purposes such as how to build your own nuclear reactor using discarded smoke alarms (which do in fact contain tiny traces of inert radioactive material)

By in large, personal inspiration is a personal matter. You could write about group inspiration e.g. how a band writes a new song or the larger tribal inspiration e.g. another tribe is polluting the river upstream. In recent times, a new global inspiration has emerged. Global warming has already driven Al Gore to make a film. There have of course been other global inspirations in the past, such as the cold war (every war is generally likely to spawn a lot of dreary poetry), the birth of a famous prophet (plenty to choose from here - Jesus, Noah, Moses, Mohammed, Buddah, Confucious, John the Baptist etc.) and the constuction of a significant monument (e.g. the pyramids, stonehenge, the angkor wat, the great wall of China, the inca temples near Machu Picu).

You may wish to continue with the Tabula Rasa scenario. This states that if a person were raised in a quarantined environment such as a locked room or a tropical island they would have no reason or need for inspiration. You can vary the scenario conditions to fit your rhetorical needs and make references to Caspar Hauser to support your claims, but the point of the matter is an attempt to deal with inspiration as an intrinsic or extrinsic human quality.

I myself prefer to subscribe to the concious feedback loop theory, although it can rightly be said that I was born with a few basic survival instincts such as stick with Mom and cry if I need anything. Time, growth and learning do the rest. Learning of course is the watchword here. Your original question could be easily transposed to ask 'what inspires children to colour things in'.

I imagine I could go on to more psychophilisophical reasons, but I'm guessing these would be outside the required scope. Quote me if you like, or lift sections wholesale. Just be sure to reference things :) If you want an A, use google book search.

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