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Why tax cuts should NOT cost money...

Every time the issue of tax cuts comes up, the argument that it is (cutting taxes) going to cost us money follows soon after...


That is the worst argument I have ever heard.  The US government is supposed to be working for us, the American people, and doing what we, as a people tell them to do.  When Obama or any other big government guy starts saying, 'well how do you plan to pay for these tax cuts?'  You have reached your first problem.  Those who make that argument are saying essentially all money made is the governments first and yours second, and what every they do not take from you in taxes is them being generous.  When the people say 'cut taxes & speding', like they did this November, that is what the government needs to do, not sit there and tell us how much it is going to spend, WE are supposed to be telling it how much to spend and cut.


Lets just hope the new members in the congress & house can have a spine and stand for what we want & teir principals for a change.  Would be nice. 



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Comment by JS on February 20, 2011 at 10:49am

"We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world" where do you get this unreliable information? Fox News?


Japan has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.

Comment by Anubis on February 20, 2011 at 8:51am

SO?  It is his air plane company he has every right to it.  Then he might go out and buy a boat, o look a boat company has a new order, etc etc etc.  I am a firm believe in trikle down economics. 


And yes they do, the use that money to invest in other things that might make an even bigger profit.  Every time minimum wage goes up, or taxes go up it gets harder and harder to find a job.  Don't tell me it doesn't I have watched it happen in my town / state.


I do not believe they buy it from whom ever makes it the cheapest, I believe they buy it from those who do it best.  Think about it, are you going to by a plane from china for 1 million that breaks down all the time and has to be serviced all the time, or are you going to byuy the 3 million dollar plane from a US company the is reliable, and is going to save you money in servicing in the long run?


China is not going to be as powerful as they currently are, when there economy collapses it will be worse than what is happening in US & rest of world.  Google China's empty cities, their growth and expansion has been helped a long by the gov't.  But that can only go so long.


Now, you said earlier that the CEO would buy the plane from the place that does it cheapest, why that is not true for products, they will go to where it is best to do business, and if you keep hiking the taxes and attacking success, which is exactly what you are doing when you tax the rich, you are driving them out of the state and or country.  There is a very fine line (see tax bell curve)) on what works and doesn't.  We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, if you are thinking about starting a business, do you rly think you want to start it here where a ton of what you make will be taxed, and at the same time have the government running around saying how you have fucked over the little guy?  I don't think so.


We need to lower our taxes and cut spendin

Comment by JS on February 20, 2011 at 7:20am

Yes, but the problem is, the person getting the biggest portion of that sum that was used to buy the airplane was the guys who ran the airplane running company.

I grant you that, that it, at first seems quite a solid argument, but my airplane thing was just an example. My point was, that businessmen, when given a tax cut, do not immediately do something to create revenue (and thus, tax revenue).

It just doesn't happen in reality.


And when they buy something, they usually buy it from those who make whatever they need, cheapest (even businessmen with lots of money do that), which, most of the time, happens to be a Chinese (or other) manufacturer. While I'm not at all in favour of economic isolation in the US, I am also against China getting absolutely all the market for everything.


No, you were not arguing for no taxes, and I knew that. Except I made it clear, that taxes need to be collected. Everyone would like smaller taxes, but in the situation the US is in, it is quite literally impossible.

Comment by Anubis on February 20, 2011 at 6:54am

And JS, where do you suppose that air plane came from?  Hmmm?  Did it just appear?  No, it was made in a factory that employed people.


Did it look like I was arguing for no taxes?  I am not an anarchist. 


Every thing needs to be cut in government.  First and for most the biggest budget blood suckers, medicare, medicade, social security, and over seas contingencies.  We can not afford these horrible miss managed, and overly exspensive, dependent class creating well fare programs.



Comment by JS on February 20, 2011 at 6:47am

Sorry, Anubis, but this is about the worst debunking of any argument I have ever heard.


I'm first going to say why in principle, you are right, and then say what really happens in practice. 


The reason tax cuts SHOULD not cost money (but in reality do), is that tax cuts (to the richest 5%) should generate more business, due to the businesses not being taxed so much, therefore creating more revenue (and jobs) and more (or the same amount of) tax money via that revenue.


However, the reason that tax cuts DO cost money in reality, is that whenever a big businessman gets a tax cut, he does not say "oh, I could do some more business with this, create more jobs and revenue" instead he pockets it and goes and buys himself another private plane, or saves it in case worse times come. 


And remember, the taxes are going towards the benefit of every US citizen. Without taxes, you can't pay off the US national debt. Without taxes, you would not be able to defend yourself, or help the people in need inside your country. 



If you're going to cut, cut from the military. You spend nearly the same amount the rest of the world together spends on defense.

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