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Will your twitter followers get you a job?

After reading this news article over at PC Authority I found out that in the US, Best Buy is asking for all job applicants to have at least 250 followers. This then sparked the idea that is this the start of a new generation of qualifications?

A generation were people are hired for how many followers they have instead of the usual criteria of experience and qualifications. So now the big electronics retailer has asked for it will there be others that do the same? I think yes, it is like ASUS bringing out the first netbook, others will follow (haha, I didn't mean that). Next you will see Walmart and Harvey Norman doing the same.

But I see one major problem standing in the way of Best Buys new criteria, anyone with a Visa and half a brain can hire followers. So how can they tell if the followers are genuine. I am sure Best Buy would prefer Quality instead of Quantity. But hey, if it works then I will have to get my twitter on.

So what do you think is this just the start, is this Gattaca but with Twitter?

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Comment by James Hill on July 14, 2009 at 3:25pm
Yeah me either, It is probably for promotional sales only.
Comment by SassySweetBren on July 14, 2009 at 2:58pm
I think it is a hoot. A follower can be half the world away. What? They think your followers will come into the store to buy? Or maybe they want their employees to start doing a Twit on sales and promotions?

This blew my socks off. No, I do not see it as a wave in the future.

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