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I don't like the fact that when women who game start playing on team fortress 2 or other games some men on the servers seem to be sexiest or just act stupid. when men turn round and say women can not play games then thats sexiest and also people like stalking women on that game. i know women that game and some of the are better then me so i don't get why some men act so childes about it. I only play on one server and theres always a women on there and when someone new (not everyone) new to the server comes on they can seem sexiest towards the women why!! There human all because there not male doesn't mean there cast out from gaming just leave them to game in peace.

Please leave what you think below.

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Comment by Gibson on January 25, 2011 at 8:42pm

Im a guy and 

i have no issues with girls playing games

In fact i have more fun playing with women then My own sex



Comment by Serendipity on November 8, 2010 at 8:30pm
You know what is funny I used to play gaia which I can no longer play because I am on a slow slow connection. And it just doesn't run. But I will say this I got a lot of free stuff on that game that I could have never earned on my own most likely for years with the help of male friends. And had some of them not come to find me and what not I probably would have never met them. So stalk me as long as your not creepy! Although I do have a guy in my life so don't get obsessed.

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